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Dog Training Tips: Why I Love The Kennel

I know that a lot of people think that kennels are cruel to dogs but I disagree. I think that it helps dogs become great pets. To my dogs, kennel means ‘go to bed’. It is not a punishment or a place that they hate. In fact, my older dog Meg loves her kennel so much that I have to kick her out of it if I want to spend time with her.

Kennels Teach 'Settle'

Like I mentioned earlier, I want my dogs to know that when I put them in their kennel I want them to rest. Let’s say that I am leaving to go to work, hanging out with friends or family, going to the store or even putting them in the kennel in the car; I want them to sleep. This is why I usually don’t put treats or toys in the kennel. To me it is not a place of play, it is a place of sleep. When my dog understands this I have less anxiety because I know that they are safe in their kennel.

Let’s take an example I hope none of you have to experience of having to evacuate a home. Dogs who are kennel trained are easily able to sit in their kennel while the family is able to prepare and evacuate the home. Dogs who are not kennel trained will be either in the way or whining or barking in the kennel while the family is preparing and evacuating the home. It’s obvious that having your dogs kennel trained makes the situation a lot easier.

Kennels Teach Independence

When dogs are not properly kennel trained, I find that they have intense separation anxiety. By kennel training your puppy as soon as they get to your home, it teaches them independence and that they don’t have to be right next to you to feel comfortable. I want my dogs to be independent so they can be dogs. Honestly, it gives them more freedom because they’re able to roam around outside and be alone at home while I’m gone without feeling anxious. That is such an important skill for my dogs to have. When I leave them at home, I want to feel peace knowing that they are comfortable at home even if I’m not there.

Do you use kennel? Let me know in the comments!

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