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Dog Products: 4 Things You Need to Know About the Prong Collar

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

1. What is a prong collar?

Prong collars are a tool that is used to train dogs. A common misconception is that they are used only for dogs or breeds that are aggressive. For example, they are usually seen as being used on rottweilers, pitbulls and german shepherds. BUT they can be used on any breed or dog whether they're aggressive or not. They are great for people who don't have the strength to control their dog on a flat collar and to be gentler with their dog. That's right, the prong collar can be more gentle than a flat collar because there is a lot less pressure on the dog's neck with a prong collar.

2. How to put on a prong collar...

Watch this video to see how to correctly put on a prong collar. Remember that this collar should only be on your dog when they are being supervised. You don't want it to get caught on anything when they are out of your sight.

The collar should fit tight on the neck right behind the ears. It shouldn't be choking them but it also shouldn't be too loose that it sits at the bottom of their neck. It's important that the chain section of the collar is between the ears so they collar doesn't spin around when the leash is attached.

The ring on the outside of the collar is where the leash gets hooked onto. The ring on the inside is called the dead ring. Prong collars should not come apart unless they are put on incorrectly. However, to be safe, I recommend hooking one carabiner onto both the dead ring AND flat collar D ring. This will make sure that if the collar comes off, your leash is still hooked to your pup.

The collar used in this video is made by Herm Sprenger. In my opinion, they are the most quality prong collars on the market. They offer different sizes of prong collars which allows the owners to choose the collar that fits their dogs. Many pet stores only sell larger sizes which don't work as well as the smaller sizes. The great thing about prong collars is that you can add in or take away prongs to make it fit your dog. The size of collar used in the video is 2.25 mm 16 inch. That means the prongs and chain links are 2.25 mm in diameter and the collar is 16 inches long. If the collar doesn't fit my dog, I can take out or add links to make it the right size.

3. What prong collars are used for and how to use them correctly...

Prong collars are used for correcting and/or redirecting your dog. These collars can help the training process of many behaviors such as loose leash walking, leave it, and eliminating jumping and reactivity. To use a prong collar correctly, there should not be constant pressure from the leash. The only time pressure is applied is when the handler 'pops' the dog to correct. This is when the leash quickly tightens and loosens the collar.

4. Why are prong collars so effective?

Many people believe that prong collars are cruel but they are not cruel if they are used correctly. Puppies learn from their mother how to correct another dog. Prong collars give us the opportunity to correct our dogs the same way their mother and other dogs correct them. This is through a small 'bite' at the neck. It is not a hard bite but just a little one to say, "knock that off". I love prong collars because they allow me to speak to my dog in a way that is instinctive. I've found that dogs learn best when we use techniques and tools that they naturally understand.

There's a great tool available to all dog owners and trainers out there... the prong collar. If you feel this tool would be helpful in your situation, take it slow and give it a try!

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