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Does your adult dog have behavioral issues or just want to work on obedience?

Many dog owners face the challenge of misbehaved pups, creating tension in their relationship.

Pooch Perfect specializes in personalized, balanced dog training in the home, focusing on obedience and effective solutions for behavior challenges. Our trainer is dedicated to guiding owners to build a harmonious bond with their loved canine companions.

Dog Owner

Our Approach:

  • Unique blend of balanced techniques

  • Tailored solutions for each dog's needs

  • Establishing a strong bond between you and your pet

Why Choose Us?

  • Training is done in your home

  • Custom notes sent to you after each session

  • Transparent, expert guidance every step of the way

  • Our experienced trainer is passionate about building a new generation of well behaved dogs

We offer a free 20 minute virtual consultation to help you feel secure in choosing the right training path for your beloved pup.

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